KIHS aims at providing quality dental medical services as well as dental education services. Since from its inception, its services are taken as a bench-mark in the industry. Its main objectives are:

  • To provide medical services for any kinds of dental disorders.
  • To bring oral health awareness among the people.
  • To wipe out myths related with dental diseases and its cure.
  • To train human resource enabling them for self-employment.
  • To provide pertinent & adequate knowledge to prepare dental hygienists.
  • Help the community people in diagnosis and treatment of gum related diseases in the initial stage.
Our Features


KIHS has a spacious library, well equipped with adequate numbers of book on medical and dental subjects. It is always updated with periodical journals, articles, daily newspapers, charts, graphics and research papers.

Dental Camp

KIHS conducts different dental camps/oral health promotional activities and school dental health check-up programs on regular basis in and out side of Pokhara Valley. Our students will have an opportunity to participate in those programs, which helps them develop confident and experience in understanding dental problems. Besides, they will also understand the community services, group and team works effects etc.

Visiting Faculties

KIHS invites visiting faculties on a regular basis to conduct seminars, events and camps to deliver visiting lectures to our students. Such exposures will enable students to understand the dental related issues of national as well as international territory.


KHIS has a well equipped laboratory with all the necessary instruments, chemicals and dental practical materials. As the students has to study pure sciences apart from dental sciences, the institution is furnished with all set of labs including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Phantom head and Dental materials lab.

Audio/Visual Programs

Many audio/visual programs are conducted by KIHS to make the students aware about diseases and conditions related to the dental and oral health.

Students Exchange Programs

KIHS has a culture of sharing students in Student Exchange Program in a national as well as in International arena. Our students have traveled to Japan. The Netherlands as well as different parts of the world to better understand and learn dental related issues.